Thursday, December 18, 2014


After seeing Neil Walling's demo on painting a shrimp boat I thought I'd give it a try.  Here is "Captain Jack" a shrimp boat docked at the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks in Florida.  I was grateful he stayed put long enough for me to finish the painting.
Title: "Captain Jack"
Medium:  Pastel
Size:  8" X 10"

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Paint The Beach Gala

Friday night was the Gala Reception at the Santini Marina.

"Paint The Beach" more

Bowditch Point Park was an excellent place to paint park and beach scenes.

Title:  "Sand Trail"
Meduim:  Pastel
Size:  11" X 14"
Price:  $350 framed

Title:  "A Perfect Beach Day"
Medium: Pastel
Size:  8" X 10" 
Price:  $275 framed

Paint The Beach Continued

We each had a goal to "go outside our comfort zone" while attending the event. For me it was doing a street scene which I hadn't done in years and doing a nocturne painting. They would be the most challenging for me which was okay. Several of us brought our night time equipment for a nocturne painting and the perfect set up presented itself.  Overlooking our apartment patio was a beautiful canal AND a full moon.  Who could ask for more!

Title:  Moonlight Serenity
Medium:  Pastel
Size:  5" X 7"

"Paint The Beach" Plein Air Paint Out Event Fort Myers Beach

Four of us artists from The West Coast Plein Air Group attended the week long "Paint The Beach" Plein Air Paint Out event in Fort Myers Florida last week and had an excellent time from start to finish. We spent three days painting street scenes, beach scenes, park scenes and even evening nocturnal scenes. The fourth day we each submitted two framed pieces for the competition.  The Fort Myers Beach Art Association did an amazing job with the entire event but the highlight was the Friday Night Gala celebration.  We were able to meet the other 61 artists that participated and see their excellent work.
The first day several of us decided to paint street scenes in the colorful downtown area.

Title: At The Corner Of  Light And Bright
Medium: Pastel
Size:  8" X 10"

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Brooker Creek Preserve Open Field

Title:  "Brooker Creek Preserve Open Field"
Size:  11" X 14" 
Medium:  Pastel on UArt 320 grade sandpaper
Price:  $250  Framed

A View From The Bird Watchers' Hut

 Title:  "A View From The Bird Watchers' Hut"
Size:  11" X 14"
Medium:  Pastel on Uart 320 sandpaper
Price: $250  framed